Is Blackburn a Nice Place To Live? Exploring the Livability

Is Blackburn a Nice Place To Live

Blackburn is the largest town in Lancashire after Blackpool. It’s an industrial town known for its entrepreneurial energy and had been the centre of the textile industry for decades. It lies on the north side of the West Pennine Moors and the south side of the Ribble Valley. The term Blackburn may be derived from a combination of river Blakewater and the English word “burn” means stream .

As of the latest data, Blackburn has a population of 117, 693 and with Darwen, the population has risen to 150, 030. In this post, Let’s find out if Blackburn is a good place to live with the facts that contribute to the city’s rich industrial heritage and livability index.

Is Blackburn a Nice Place To Live?

Blackburn is the second safest town in Lancashire, with a crime rate of 98 crimes per 1000 people. With its loaded history, beautiful charm and latest developments, Blackburn is a good place to live in the United Kingdom. The cost of living in Blackburn is $1257, which is near to the world average cost of living, and it ranked 230th out of 231 in England in terms of living cost.

It’s rich in culture and a diverse community, and the town host different events and festivals. Blackburn has over 4900 businesses which are 9% of Lancashire, and 79000 jobs in the sectors of health, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, education, and business administration and support services. Overall, Blackburn is a vibrant town and a viable place to live and raise a family.

Average House Prices in Blackburn

The house prices for every location depends on different factors, including property features, location, and market trends. In Blackburn, according to rightmove the average house prices recorded from last year is £162,804. However, the price fluctuate with type of property you’re going to purchase. Here are average prices of different types of properties available in Blackburn.

  • Terraced – £116,272
  • Semi-detached – £171,054
  • Detached – £285,244
  • Flats – £75,650

The property market of Blackburn is quite competitive as most people are getting their demanding price or close to it which is favorable condition for seller but can be a problem for buyers. Contact Symons Estate Agents to have a good notion of property market of Blackburn.

Renting Cost In Blackburn

The renting cost also depends on the type of property you want to get for rent. However, the average rent cost in the Blackburn is £741. Here the different average rent prices for the different type of apartments in Blackburn.

  • 1 bedroom apartment in city center – £452.65
  • Cheap 1 bedroom apartment – £376.42
  • 3 bedroom apartment in city center – £764.63
  • Cheap 3 bedroom apartment – 738.69

Transportation In Blackburn

The transportation means in Blackburn are quite developed and encompass various modes of travel. It is a strategic town enhanced by its modern roads like M65 connecting to M6 and M61, Liverpool and Leeds. Here are some of the major transportation means that add value to Blackburn’s livability.


Rail is the most pivot transport mean available in Blackburn, whose entrance is accessible via the boulevard or the cathedral quarter, as well as the Vue Cinema car park. The station also provides the facility of bike rental service for journeys. Additionally, the Darwen train station can easily be accessed by Altas Road with a quick walk heading between the town market, library, and hall.

Bus & Coaches

Transdev is the most popular and largest bus operator in Blackburn. They offer a range of bus services covering Blackburn, Clitheroe, Darwen, Preston, and more. Their local network makes them one of the most reliable and comfortable transportation means available for the traveller or residents of Blackburn. There are some popular coach services like Darwen Coach Services, M & M Coaches, and Holmeswood Coaches covering Blackburn and nearby areas.

Car Services

The car or taxi services in Blackburn are also a viable option for travelling in Blackburn because of its excellent road connectivity, like the M65 motorway connects with the town’s major routes, such as the M6 and M61. There are many popular taxi services in Blackburn, like JFL transfer that provide a comfortable solution to the resident and traveller of a comfortable journey.

Air Travel

Blackburn doesn’t have its own airport, but it’s well connected with the nearby airports. The nearest airport available to it is the Manchester (MAN) Airport, which is 28.1 miles away. There are also some other options like Liverpool (LPL), Leeds Bradford (LBA), and Leeds Bradford (LBA) with an approximate distance of 2-3 hours. That’s why, air travel is convenient for residents and visitors, both domestically and internationally.

Health Care

Blackburn and its surrounding has several hospitals with high-standard facilities. One of the major hospitals in the town is Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital, which comes under the operation of East Lancashire NHS Trust. The trust was established on 1 September 2002 through a contentious merger of Blackburn Hyndburn; Ribble Valley (BHRV) NHS Trust, and Burnley Health Care NHS Trust, with the aim of cost savings. The hospitals that are part of Blackburn and its surrounding healthcare system are listed below:

  • Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital (2.57km)
  • BMI The Beardwood Hospital (1.9km)
  • CAS Behavioural Health (1.2km)
  • Queens Park Hospital (1.9km)
  • Robin Paton Hospital (1.7km)

The Best Places to Visit In Blackburn

Blackburn is a lively town with many recreational activities that add elegance to its lifestyle. From scenic parks to cultural events, it caters to everything you need for an amazing lifestyle. Here are some recreation and lifestyle options available in Blackburn:

Witton Country Park

Is Blackburn a Nice Place To Live? Explaining Its Park
Image credit: Tripadvisor

Witton Park is a famous tourist spot in Blackburn. It has scenic walking trails and a visitor centre in this park. At once, it was part of the Witton House estate, but in the 1940s, it was sold to Blackburn. A 480-acre park area includes woodland, landscaped parkland, and farmland.

This park is also a fantastic spot for children due to its adventure playground built with £750k. It has a small animal zoo with degus, rabbits, chipmunks, etc. There is a visitor centre in the same building as the Pavilion Cafe, which is open seven days a week.

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

Is Blackburn a Nice Place To Live? Explaining Blackburn Museum Art Gallery
Image credit: Tripadvisor

The Blackburn Museum is one of the first purpose-built museums outside of London. It was inaugurated in 1874 and has a vast collection donated by textile industrialists, such as Thomas Boys Lewis, who left a magnificent collection of Japanese prints.

There are some special books and even a page from an old Bible. The collection also includes books written by Shakespeare, Asian jewellery, and Egyptian artefacts, including a mummy, a mask, and small figures. A gallery of beautiful paintings and Japanese woodcuts made by a painter named Albert Moore can also be found in the gallery.

Hoghton Tower

Hoghton Tower Explanation
Image credit: Tripadvisor

Hoghton Tower is a historic landmark located at a height of 170 metres above sea level. The tower was built in the 1560s, and people used to live there a long time ago. There are many rooms, each rooms is adorned with beautiful decorations and furniture.

There have been many famous personalities who have walked through the Hoghton tower doors in the last 500 years, such as William Shakespeare and royalty like James I, William III, and George V. The Hoghton Tower is a valuable destination for history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.


In the end, after analyzing different livability factors of Blackburn, you would have a good notion of considering it as a place to call home. It has everything that you need to have a versatile and favourable lifestyle. Its diverse population contributes to a rich culture, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

In terms of quality of life, Blackburn is a well-rounded and attractive location for individuals and families. Personal preferences will play a significant role in any decision, but Blackburn offers a number of positive attributes that make it a great place to live.

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